How To Become The Best In The World (Podcast #55)

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I keep tellin’ ya: it’s possible!

I feel like a broken record sometimes but really, we all have it in us to do the “impossible”. Each and every one us has that potential in us. We just need to figure out how to become the best in the world. Simple, right? Well… my guest on podcast #55 is here to share how SHE did it.

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Caroline Boller started like so many of us.

She got into running as a casual recreational activity. An escape… a release from the stresses, pressures, and demands of “real life”. She was able to embrace the outdoors, soak up nature, and just be. Then one day… she saw something that changed things.

“…I wonder if I can do that, too….”

It started just like that – a curiosity. Caroline Boller, Average Jane American, witnessed the finish line of a 50 mile ultramarathon. And what she saw surprised her. She saw that it looked like any other race finish line. As she saw runners finishing, some totally wiped out and some totally fine… the thought struck her. This looks just like any half-marathon finish line… but it’s 50 miles! Hey… maybe I can do it, too…

What happened next was… well… extraordinary.

Caroline soon came into her own in the ultra endurance running world. Not only did she thrive… she excelled. With the help of a coach, she turned it up to 11 and found that next level that so few of us achieve. Caroline Boller became one of the best in the world at her chosen sport. She’s travelled both domestically and internationally, competed on the world stage, all while being a normal person. At home, Caroline has a husband, children, a regular job (a demanding one at that), and somehow… she’s able to be an elite, world class athlete.

So what’s stopping the rest of us?

If Caroline can achieve so much with all of the “real life” responsibilities she has… what exactly is OUR excuse? I don’t mean that in a “we’re failing” or “she’s better than us” way… I mean exactly what I said. Caroline is no different than the rest of us – she’s not a professional athlete – she’s a regular Jane. So why is SHE a world record holder and we’re not?

Balance, drive, and support are critical.

Those are the difference-makers, and THOSE are what Caroline Boller has that helped her achieve such great heights. She has the drive and desire to get out there and push herself. She has the support of her family, coach, and (presumably) workplace. Most importantly – Caroline found the balance necessary to maintain a demanding training & competition schedule with the daily needs of “life”, and all it involves.

We can do it, too.

Like I said… Caroline is no different than us. We, too, can do what she’s done – find that drive and balance. We can rally the troops and drum up the support necessary to take on an endeavor as intense as she did. The sad truth is… most of us won’t do it. Most people out there simply don’t want to go to all the trouble. The vast majority of the population is content with our station in life. We’re satisfied with our casual, recreational running. We’re happy with our healthy habits and the “pretty good” fitness level we’ve hit in the gym. Some of us, sadly enough, are even satisfied with a completely sedentary, mostly unhealthy lifestyle.


for those of us who do want to reach for something greater… to see what we’ve REALLY got in us… it’s nice to know that we CAN do it. When push comes to shove… it IS possible to touch the stars and be truly great at our chosen endeavor. We just need to push hard enough and find that balance, and we TRULY can live life limitless. We just have to get out of our own way and go get it.

For the full chat on this check out the podcast episode on iTunes here, on Android here, or on the web player at the top & bottom of this post. Don’t forget to hit “subscribe”!

What’s in this episode:

  • Caroline Boller chats with us about going from Average Jane to world record ultra runner… and HOW any one of us could do it.

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