Grin Hola – The BEST Granola you’ll (probably) never eat.

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I’ve pretty much seen the full spectrum of “taste”.

I’ve been that “fat guy” that eats everything indiscriminately. Overly greasy, fatty, salty, sauced and more. You reach a certain point where eating and drinking like that… you sort of deaden your taste buds. Then those terrible foods begin to… “taste” good.  Now? I’m that “fit guy” who makes better choices. I avoid those things I used to eat. My taste buds came back to life. I can taste spices, nuance, subtlety, and the chef/creator’s intent. It’s why I drink my coffee black, why I love seltzer water, and why I say Grin Hola is not JUST granola.

I realize that might sound a bit… over the top…

But have YOU tried Grin Hola? It’s unlike any granola I’ve ever picked off the shelf in the supermarket. TOTALLY found it by accident… might never have known about it otherwise. And… sadly… YOU might never get to eat it.

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Flavor Round-Up – Puroast Coffee

Puroast On The Shelf

I am genuinely impressed.

When I first tried Puroast Coffee I think there were only three flavors. Now they have quite the variety…and I have to say – it was pretty exciting, as coffee goes, to try the new flavors as they came out. Every coffee roaster out there has their own array of flavors, some boasting a veritable arsenal of them. Many are passable, most need sugar to unlock the actual “flavor” of it…and some are downright awful, leaving a nasty aftertaste from the syrups used to create flavor.

Puroast’s flavors, however, are different.

As I’ve made clear before: if you’re not drinking Puroast, you’re doing yourself a disservice. As trivial as it may sound to the casual coffee drinker… not all coffee is created equally, ESPECIALLY flavored coffee. How-so, you ask? Oh let me count the ways…

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Coffee…The Way It’s MEANT To Be | Puroast Review

We’ve been cheated and lied to.

“How?” – you ask? “Who has lied to us, and what have we been cheated of?”

Our coffee.

We have been living in ignorance. But NO MORE! My friends – I HAVE GREAT NEWS!

Coffee does not have to be bitter and offensive. Coffee does not need to be drowned in cream and sugar to be palatable! What if I told you that you’d never need to add anything to your coffee again? No cream. No sugar. And it would be the most delicious, satisfying coffee you’ve ever tasted? It would even be healthier?

Puroast has changed the game. Prepare to have your mind blown.

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The Athlete’s Willy Wonka – Perfect Fuel Review

Chocolate Designed For Fitness

Do I have your attention now?

Not all performance fuels are created equally…and nearly NONE of them are chocolate.

I am absolutely IN LOVE with Perfect Fuel Chocolate. The co-founders have taken a great idea, tested it, evolved it, and now? Well…

Somehow they’ve taken chocolate to a place we’ve always wanted it to go but never thought possible. Kids, it’s time to fuel your day on chocolate. Let’s talk “how and why” 🙂

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Wake Up Your Brain – Cognitea Review

GOOD MORNING! And what a GOOD morning it is. I’m still sore from this past weekend…a reminder of victories past. Lately I’ve been starting my mornings a little differently and I wanted to share what that difference is.

CogniTea. That is the difference. Normally I’m a coffee freak…I love coffee. I love its bold flavors, its delicious aromas, and how it kick-starts me to take on the day. There are things I do not like about coffee, however, so sometimes I have tea. But what about CogniTea?  What IS CogniTea? What’s so special about it? I could say that it actually makes your brain work and helps you focus…but that would be a gross understatement.

Oh, where to begin…

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