#10 – Countdown To Oblivion

It’s funny to think how one decision, one feeling, can change the course of your life.


When you’re staring down your first 100 mile ultramarathon, and it’s less than 48 hours away…you tend to reflect on what you’re about to do and, really…how you got here in the first place.


Join Darrell as he look at exactly what he’s about to do, how he got here, and what exactly he’s thinking going into this thing. Darrell also recaps this past weekend, his Mom’s latest triumph, and does a fun new thing with Megan! WHAT’S IN THE BOX?!


This is it… the time has come. Nothing left but to do the thing. See you on the other side.

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#9 – Less Than Ideal

Things don’t always go according to plan…when the ceiling comes crashing down on you, it can be tough to find the drive to keep on plowing forward and sticking to the plan. When conditions are less than ideal, it’s up to us to hunker down, toughen up, and make up the difference from within ourselves. Darrell recaps last weekend – Megan’s triumphant Hartford Marathon run, the heinous weather nightmare that was Newport Marathon, and what its really all about.


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#8 – The Struggle Is Real

Success happens one mile at a time

Fitness is hard. Life is hard. Why does everything have to be so hard? Often we want to shed the stuff that’s harder than we feel like it has to be. And often, the thing that’s easiest to shed…is health and fitness. The gym membership. The running. The whatever. We make things harder than they have to be. We give in.


That struggle is what keeps us from achieving the greatness we’re all capable of, and it’s up to us to find a way to break through. Darrell talks about his own struggle, how this stuff happens, and what, ultimately, it’s gonna come down to to bust out and make it happen.


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#7 – You Can Lead A Horse To Water…

Gladiator Training Grounds finish

Even if you’re a fitness fanatic, or had that epiphany and “found fitness”…it can be tough to get those you care about to have that same kind of “awakening”. It can be frustrating, saddening, and even cause a little anger and resentment when friends and loved ones just refuse to do something you KNOW will be beneficial for them, and that they might even enjoy! So how do you get those YOU care about to the same place? You might not like the answer…

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#6 – #BleedPurple

Anytime Fitness team photo

All too often people find themselves in an unfulfilling cycle. Get up, go to work, stare at the clock, go home…with no sense of purpose, no sense of pride, and maybe no sense of your impact on the world at large.

I, and many like me, spend our days differently. We wake up high on life, swipe a keyfob at the door, and walk into a world where we can help people make lasting, positive change in their lives.

Today I want to talk about where I work, what I do, and why, no matter how hard some days might be… I love it every damn day. Today you find out what it means to #BleedPurple.