Enjoy A Podcast In 5 Easy Steps!

how to listen to a podcast

In promoting my podcast, I’ve been asked a question. The question makes me stop in my tracks, drop my jaw, then remember…I once asked this very same question.

What’s a “podcast”?

I had no idea what a podcast even WAS, nevermind how to subscribe to a feed or listen to an episode.

There are SO many good podcasts out there with SO many good episodes… We just can’t leave the masses uninformed! So – here it is…what, exactly, a podcast is, and how to enjoy them in just 5 easy steps!

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#16 – Millinocket and The Golden Road

Millinocket marathon

Often times, in life, we think we know what we’re in for…only to find out we didn’t really get it. Well, this is one of those times I was 100% shown that I simply did not get it ahead of time. This past weekend Megan and I ventured up to Millinocket, Maine for the Millinocket Marathon…and while I totally thought I had a handle on what was going on…I was dead wrong.

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#15 – Roadtrip & Making Time

Podcast Ep 15 image

Every once in a while it’s important to get away, have a little fun, and spend some time with those you love. This weekend, that happened to coincide with the opportunity to run a marathon and do some good for a town that needed it!


Darrell and Megan ventured up to Millinocket, ME for the Millinocket Marathon. Join them on this episode as they Roadtrip up LIVE as they record! Musings about the weekend, the event, coffee, and stick figure families abound.


You can learn more about the Millinocket Marathon at http://www.crowathletics.com/millinocket-marathon-half/


You can find Darrell online at



Instagram & Twitter: @snuffydx

#14 – Thankful

Every once in a while we lose our way, lose our reason…and fall off-track. Welcome to Darrell’s past month. The short and sweet here is…every once in a while we have that epiphany moment that swings us back on track. Today, you get to hear Darrell’s epiphany as it happens! hurrah.

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Podcast Ep. 13 | Beer + Fitness = Love

So THIS Is Fitness Podcast Ep 13

Podcast Ep 13 | Beer + Fitness = Love

Listen Now! Episode player embedded below.

It’s one of the weirdest team-ups out there…but for some reason beer (well, alcohol in general) and fitness seem to go together just like peanut butter & jelly.

I, for one, enjoy a good brew every now and then…as does every other Average Joe out there. But there are some questions we should probably be asking before we start chugging away, don’t you think?

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