#4 – FUN

fun - falmouth road race and anchor down

Megan & Darrell recap the mid-August race weekend of Anchor Down Ultramarathon and the Falmouth Road Race. They talk about each race, the experience they each had therein, and the big differences between the two. There was one BIG difference…and its what everything circles back around to…fun.

You can learn more about Anchor Down Ultramarathon at www.AnchorDownUltra.com

Check out www.RunTrueNorth.com to learn about their company and other events (including my favorite – Narragansett Summer Running Festival!).

And check out www.FalmouthRoadRace.com for more on THAT race.

#2 – The Long & The Short Of It (1/2)

Darrell & Megan talk about the big goals they’ve been working towards all year and what the final 3 months of training looks like. Delve into their training plans a bit and get some ideas for your own! It’s not as out of reach or silly as it might seem – we promise 🙂 All that, plus a lesson in…making the right call…

Next time? The running journeys that led them to this point.

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#1 – Failure

So THIS Is Fitness podcast

I’m Darrell McTague, and THIS is “So THIS Is Fitness”. Join me as I share a little bit about myself, where So THIS Is Fitness came from (it’s been around for a while, actually), and what its really all about. And, in the wake of my most recent ultramarathon experience…let’s talk a little bit about failure.


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