Chocolate Designed For Fitness

Do I have your attention now?

Not all performance fuels are created equally…and nearly NONE of them are chocolate.

I am absolutely IN LOVE with Perfect Fuel Chocolate. The co-founders have taken a great idea, tested it, evolved it, and now? Well…

Somehow they’ve taken chocolate to a place we’ve always wanted it to go but never thought possible. Kids, it’s time to fuel your day on chocolate. Let’s talk “how and why” 🙂

(Disclaimer: I was provided product to review. I was not compensated in any way for this product review – my opinions are my own, not bought or sold.)

My inner child is doing backflips…

Fueling is important. This is a basic fact. Whether it’s fueling for your day, for a workout, for a race/event/competition, or fueling your car…things don’t happen if you don’t fuel. There are a multitude of ways you can fuel…your car has 3 options, your body has about 3 million. It can be very difficult to choose, and after a while it gets a little boring…innovation can only go so far in the way of performance fuel. We have gels, gu’s, gummy blocks, powders, pills and tablets oh my.  Until Perfect Fuel.

Perfect Fuel has tapped into something downright magical here. For the longest time, chocolate has been our guilty pleasure, generally lumped in with candy as “unhealthy”. Only relatively recently has it been shown that modest amounts of dark chocolate can have some health benefits. And then Perfect Fuel took it to the next level.

So what’s the big idea?

As they say on their website – “Perfect Fuel delivers convenient, clean, and delicious energy and nutrition for the active lifestyle with powerful and pure organic ingredients for a natural boost.”

OK, that’s great…but how exactly does this work?

First, what is it? What’s in it?

Perfect Fuel Chocolate bites are small, half-ounce blocks of high quality dark chocolate blended with either American ginseng, chia seeds, or espresso. The ingredients list is literally five ingredients long: cacao, cacao butter, coconut palm sugar, American ginseng (or chia seeds/espresso), and vanilla bean. Everything is organic, and they even make mention that ingredients are Fair Trade compliant.

That means it’s high quality. This isn’t a Hershey bar, folks – this is worth your time and money. Given how deeply Co-Founder Nicolas cares about his baby, and given Co-Founder Miles’ time in the Peace Corp working with Cacao farmers…you can bet that they take a lot of care in sourcing and selecting their ingredients. This care, effort and attention to detail comes from a very genuine place, and it results in a superior product.

Nutrition? Health Benefits? This is chocolate

Yes. Chocolate can be healthy, too. 

Nutritionally speaking, you’re getting between 72 and 85 calories per block (depending on variety), with quick carbs (for energy), healthy fats (that you need), just a hint of protein, and the nutritional benefits of ginseng, chia seeds, or espresso.

If you’re not up-to-snuff on what, exactly, the health benefits of dark chocolate, ginseng, chia and espresso are…Nicolas and Miles do a darn good job of explaining it on

In short, dark chocolate (now being called a superfood by some) can help with stress, blood pressure, circulation and overall mood (would YOU be happier having chocolate?). Ginseng can help with physical endurance (hence its inclusion in version 1), stress, and enhancing brain function. Chia (a highly-regarded superfood) can positively affect hunger, exercise performance, and is a great source of vegan protein. Espresso? Well, our old friend coffee’s energetic cousin can help with fat burning, physical performance, and (of coruse) energy.

For more detail, again, check out their site (there are links to articles and stuff).

Does it taste good?

You do understand it’s chocolate, right?

In all seriousness, though, this stuff tastes delicious. The original flavor (ginseng) is excellent – it has the perfect bitterness of a good dark chocolate (70% dark) with just enough sweetness. It’s also the most amazing creamy consistency…since it’s not mucked up with all kinds of artificial ingredients and garbage, the quality cacao butter they use shines through. It melts in your mouth…however cheesy that may sound. It doesn’t shatter when you bite it, but it’s not like trying to gnaw on a brick either – they’ve gotten the hardness just right – another nod, I’m sure, to its purity.

The espresso flavor tastes like the best chocolate coffee you can imagine- the espresso/coffee flavor is present, and notable, but not overpowering…it’s just right.

The CHIA FLAVOR…oh lord…it might be ousting the original ginseng as my new favorite. CALL ME CRAZY – but chia seeds have a flavor. The chia flavor twists itself up with the chocolate and the buttery smoothness and oh my if it isn’t the most magical thing… (pardon me, I’m drooling). If I could have one of these 3 times a day everyday…

Hey, it looks prettier now, too!

Aw shucks, thanks for noticing. The form factor has changed a bit from version 1 to version 2 – greatly improved, if you ask me (see photo above). It’s now a little thinner, a little wider, and (I think) a little easier to eat than before. The packaging is also visually appealing and easy to navigate. Each bite is individually wrapped, and you can get it in pouches of 6 or boxes of 20. Tough to get people to buy into your product if it’s not eye-catching, so glad they nailed that one (with or without a wrapper)!

OK, bottom line…how much and is this worth my time/money?

Not much, and “Um, have you been paying attention?”

Whether you get a pouch of 6 or box of 20 cost here breaks down to an average of about $1.85 per piece. That’s not much more than competing performance fuels…and what you’re getting is of a much higher quality and a much better purity.

Is this EXACTLY the same as a gel? No. Is this something that’s practical to take with you in a race and eat on the course? Probably not (it’d melt). What this IS is an excellent fuel to have before that race, before your workout/run/whatever, to start your day, as an afternoon pick-me-up, or as a HEALTHY option when you just have to satisfy your sweet tooth.

I could not recommend this product more. Next time I see Nicolas and Miles…I might freaking hug them. Go to if you’d like to get your own.

Rating: 5 stars. 5 stars all day long. I’d give it an unofficial 6th if that wasn’t cheating.

Bottom line? It’s freaking CHOCOLATE. And it’s good for you. Why aren’t you eating a piece right now?