It’s funny to think how one decision, one feeling, can change the course of your life.


When you’re staring down your first 100 mile ultramarathon, and it’s less than 48 hours away…you tend to reflect on what you’re about to do and, really…how you got here in the first place.


Join Darrell as he look at exactly what he’s about to do, how he got here, and what exactly he’s thinking going into this thing. Darrell also recaps this past weekend, his Mom’s latest triumph, and does a fun new thing with Megan! WHAT’S IN THE BOX?!


This is it… the time has come. Nothing left but to do the thing. See you on the other side.

Follow Darrell at and for live updates during the Ghost Train Rail Trail Race 100 Mile Ultramarathon!!! Race begins 9 am Sat 10/22 and cutoff is 3 pm Sunday 10/23.