Sometimes we get locked into a sick cycle of failure.

When that happens… things can seem pretty hopeless. We can seem completely lost. Permanently locked into a neverending circle of mediocrity and non-progress. Eventually, we might give up hope of success completely.

It’s when we find ourselves in those desperate, terrible situations… that we need to believe in ourselves and the power of change more than ever. We need to believe that we CAN try again… and that THIS time… things WILL be different. We NEED to BELIEVE.

It’s time we try. Just ONE more time.

I’ve been there. I get it.

This is hard. It can seem completely hopeless. it can seem like a lost cause and you’ll never get there… especially since you’ve already tried this 5 times with no positive result. Y’know what? Like the old saying goes… fall down 7 times… get up 8. It’s up to us to believe… that THIS TIME… just one… last… try…

This time… things CAN… and WILL… be different. 

There’s a method to the madness here. Today’s episode will cover the following bases:

      • My run today and what I think it means for my big goals
      • My “big resurgence” with STIF
      • How to ACTUALLY have THIS time be different. Do that by:
        • Acknowledging past failures, owning it, and being able to move forward
        • Understanding WHY and HOW you failed in the past
        • Know yourself
        • Getting your head right
        • Setting the goal
        • Developing the plan
        • Executing and following through
        • Figuring out what happens when you get there

I firmly believe, as a result of having been there, that if you just BELIEVE firmly enough… this time really, truly CAN and WILL be different. Have a little faith in yourself.

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