“It’s not enough”.

We get told, every single day, that “it’s not enough”. The “it” may vary, and the person telling us that “it’s not enough” varies too. The point remains the same. We don’t measure up. We are not yet satisfactory. IT is not yet satisfactory. Maybe that “it” is “the amount of time we have in a day”. Maybe that “it” is “how pretty you are”. “It” could be any number of things.

There are some very important things to consider. On this lovely snow day, I took a moment to stop, smell the (snow-covered) roses, and really think about all of this. It’s not an easy thing to talk about… but I’m good at talking. And I’ve been there… just like with all of this stuff… it’s nice to get something off my chest that I’ve dealt with for so long.¬†

Podcast Episode 24 delves into the issue of “It’s not enough”

Discussion in this episode will include:

  • Snow days, and “taking a break”
  • Time Management & Prioritization
  • The February “What’s In The Box?”
  • Being “not pretty enough”, “not good enough” and just generally… “not enough”
  • When being “not enough” is ok, and how to tell the difference

It’s a long talk. It’s a tough talk. You’ll find, I’m sure… it’s worth it. Below you’ll find the link to the resources and sponsors mentioned in this episode.

Episode 24 Resources

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