There exists a massive gap in the fitness world.

There’s where you currently stand… and then there’s “the other side”. Maybe you’re at the beginning looking toward the end… Across the incredible divide separating you from future you… You from “I finished, the end” you…

Maybe you’re there, in “I achieved it” land… And you’re trying to remember what motivated you and got you there in the first place.

Maybe you’re that fit trainer and you can’t understand how these people can’t just stop being fat.

Whatever the case… Understanding “the other side” can be a challenging… If not impossible task. So let’s try to shed some light on it, eh?

This is not an easy chat to have.

Which is precisely why I felt a podcast episode (longer form) was the best way to do it. I’m REALLY going to encourage you to listen – “hey, go listen!”. If you’re not sure what a podcast is or how it works… check out my how-to here!

In a nutshell… this episode is about:

  • Understanding “the gap” in the fitness industry
    • Why some trainers, fitness professionals, and gyms in general “don’t get it”.
  • Understanding “the gap” in your own personal fitness
    • Why it’s so hard to get started
    • Why it can be so easy to fall off
    • Why it can be so hard to get back into it after falling off

A lot of this… well… maybe you already know. Maybe you already HAD the epiphany. But maybe not. Hope this is helpful!


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