It’s a damn shame.

I’m a runner… a marathoner… so of course, I can’t help talking about, and even writing about, the Boston Marathon. This year, though… I feel compelled to talk NOT about the marathon itself… but something else. There’s a part of Boston Marathon weekend that I’m pretty sure most people don’t know exists. To be fair, there’s so much excitement on Boston Marathon weekend… I suppose it can be easy to miss – even I missed it for quite a while. But now… not only do I know about it… I can’t forget it. I’m talking, of course, about Tough Ruck.

The real meaning and importance of this event cannot be overstated.

The first of the coveted Boston Marathon medals goes, not to the first finishers of Monday’s prestigious marathon… but to the finishers Tough Ruck. You might, at first, be offended, or even shocked at that… but if you were there… you’d get why. Allow me to educate you…

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The real “marathon weekend” action begins Saturday…

not with the Boston Marathon expo… but with Tough Ruck. By or before 4 am the Saturday before Patriot’s Day… Minuteman National Historical Park comes alive with volunteers, both civilian and military, preparing for what is to come. As the sun comes up, hundreds of servicemen and women, veterans and active duty home on leave, their families, friends, and civilians that support them, all begin to fill up the green in front of The Old Manse in Concord, MA.

Boston Marathon medal with tough ruck pinYes, the first Boston Marathon medals go to these men and women.

Men and women receive these well-deserved medals adorned with a special Tough Ruck pin after slogging through 26.2 miles with a 15 lb, 35 lb, or even 50 lb rucksack. These ruckers do this along the Battle Road; the trail where the original Patriots fought against tyranny for our independance now used to remember and honor all those who fell, both then and now, defending and fighting for their nation. So what is Tough Ruck… and where did it come from?

Tough Ruck was born from fire and baptized in bravery.

When the Boston Marathon was bombed in 2013… terrorists thought they crushed us. Instead, they showed the true colors of the City of Boston, its people, and its visitors. A number of those had been ruck marching the marathon – after ruck marching 26.2 miles, hearing the call, they sprang into action helping in any way they could. With increased security, they weren’t able to ruck march the marathon in full gear again.

Tough Ruck start lineRather than be defeated, they were re-born from the ashes.

Tough Ruck was born from the fire of the Boston Marathon bomb blasts and baptized in the bravery of the men and women who acted so quickly and instinctively to serve and save their fellow man. It’s that exact spirit, honor, and love of life that makes Tough Ruck what it is. There’s no way to truly describe it, you simply have to experience it. On this episode 34 of the podcast… we introduce you to Tough Ruck and chat with those who made it happen… and those who rucked it this year.

What’s in this episode:

  • Darrell’s still bad at time management
  • Boston Marathon Weekend
  • a new “What’s In The Box?”
  • Tough Ruck
    • what it is
    • where it came from
    • why you should care

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