When it’s all done… what do we do?

We spend months and months working towards a big goal race. Even more than that – we spend all year running, training, enjoying the weather and our sport. We cross the finish lines and make great achievements. When it’s all said and done, though… now what? When we’re left with no more races, and no more good running weather… until SPRING… what do we do? How do we deal with the fallout and aftermath of running season and our goal races?

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There’s more to it than you might think.

For many of us, everything’s fine at the end of our big goal race or the end of “running season”. We simply adjust and move on. Whoopee, the thing’s over. So what? It doesn’t phase us… it’s just like our favorite show reaching the season finale. Yeah, we’re bummed for a bit, but we’re just on to something else until it’s back again.

For other people, it’s not so simple.

I realize it’s incredibly simplistic to liken this to a tv show season finale, but for those who aren’t affected… it can really be that simple and trivial. There ARE, though, those who experience something much more serious. There are those who experience a bit of a “lost” feeling… a question of “now what?”… and maybe even something called “post-race blues”. I mean… think about it…

For months upon months, your world has revolved around running.

You’ve been training for months for that big race. Countless early mornings and late nights to make it work. You’ve had to be sure to eat right both at home and work to support the training. And of course, surely your friends & family have felt the impact in some way. And it all led up to your biiiiiig goal race. Maybe it wasn’t just that goal race, either. I mean, many of us have been running since the spring thaw, for crying out loud!

And now it’s all coming to an end.

Even though it’s just for now… that 4 months until the warm running-friendly weather returns can feel like an eternity. I mean, this has consumed your life for months. Everything you DO has been based around it. It’s totally normal to feel a little lost… a little like something’s missing… when it’s gone. This is normal, and there are ways to deal with this “post-race blues” situation. Once you’ve done that, you can start to deal with the REST of the “aftermath” of a running season well-lived. Things like injuries, your home, family and friends. So many things that may have been neglected or given a lower priority in our quest for something greater. This is a great time to revisit those things.

In the end, it’s important to remember one thing.

This is not the end, and how you feel is normal. Let’s find a way to pick ourselves up and get through the cold winter months. I’ve got plenty of insight for you in Episode 62 of the podcast.

For the full chat on this check out the podcast episode on iTunes here, on Android here, or on the web player at the top & bottom of this post. Don’t forget to hit “subscribe”!

What’s in this episode:

  • Baby steps toward positive change
  • It’s almost time to go to almost canada
  • And we talk about how to deal with the “aftermath” of race season including
    • Post-race blues
    • Injury
    • What got left by the wayside
    • And answering the question of “now what?”

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