It’s called a “destination race” for a reason.

Some races are so special, and their course so beautiful, it’s WORTH a long trip. MDI Marathon & Half is one of them.

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Wow. Just… wow.

That was literally what went through my head as I ran the course of the Mount Desert Island Half Marathon. Being a point to point race, RD Gary Allen designed it so the 2nd half of the race IS the half-marathon course. I’ll tell ya, FitFriends – running that half made me want to run the WHOLE thing just to see how amazing it looked. That weekend in Maine I learned what a “destination race” really is, and why people will travel SO out of their way to run one.

Race Director & Founder Gary Allen joins Coach Darrell on this episode to talk all about the MDI Marathon and Half. They talk about the aesthetics of the course and what makes it a “destination race”. They also discuss the difficulty level of the course, and what people can expect from this race. They briefly delve into the race’s history and how it came about, then they touch on hot tips for the final days leading up to your big goal race. Plus, this IS Gary Allen we’re talking to, so there’s plenty of talk about the Millinocket Marathon. Later, Coach Darrell gives his own “final prep days” tips and has some special words for ultrarunners, specifically those preparing to take on the Ghost Train Rail Trail Race (no matter WHAT year you’re running it).


On This Episode:

  • I chat on-site at the MDI Marathon expo with RD Gary Allen
    • His recent awards and honors
    • We talk WAY more about the Millinocket marathon than I previously realized
    • And we talk about the MDI Marathon & Half itself
      • Including the course
      • What runners can expect out of this destination race
      • Why he created the race in the first place
      • And what it was like getting it off the ground
    • We also briefly touch on tips for runners in the final days before their race
    • We talk about
    • And afterwards, I have my own hot tips and final words as I, and many like me, prepare to take on the Ghost Train Rail Trail Race 100 mile Ultramarathon.



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