We’ve been talking about “fitness” wrong.

There’s more to fitness than working out and eating “right”. We need to look at a more complete picture, and adjust our understanding and approach.

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Physical health is just one part of “fitness”.

Whenever you hear about fitness, the only things that tend to be talked about are working out and eating right. When we talk “fitness”, we only seem to comprehend it as physical fitness. THAT is a problem – big news, guys – physical fitness is only one part of it. Fitness is much more than that, and if we’re really gonna do this right, we need to see the bigger picture.

A big milestone brings big changes.

In this episode, Coach Darrell shares the big updates, upgrades, and changes that have gone on with So THIS Is Fitness leading up to Episode 100. Chief among them, he shares that Living In Stride, his and FitWife Megan’s new project, has launched! Then, he delves into a deeper conversation about what “fitness” is really all about – health, wellness, and the journey to a better life. We gain a better understanding of exactly what he means by that, and how we can leverage it to change our understanding… and our approach to fitness.

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On This Episode:

  • It’s episode 100!

    • We talk about what’s been going on both in my training and with STIF

    • It’s official – Living In Stride has launched!

    • And we crack open a meaningful conversation about what fitness really is,

      • and what this journey we’re all on is REALLY all about.

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Interested in working with Darrell?

If you don’t live in Attleboro, or don’t have an Anytime Fitness near you… consider working with Darrell anyway! Darrell is accepting Virtual Training Clients – it’s about as close as you can get to working with him one-on-one in person without actually BEING in person. If you’re ready to make a change and have it stick, apply at www.SoTHISIsFitness.com/apply

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