Do you feel it?

There’s something in the air at the Millinocket Marathon & Half. It’s electric. It’s warm. It’s truly special. And it’s changing lives.

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It’s as special as it is rare.

If you’re lucky, one day you might find a unicorn. It’s truly special – magical, even – and it can only exist with just the right circumstances. When it comes it changes lives, makes everything better, and you never forget how it made you feel. Sometimes, unicorns just vanish, a fleeting magical wonder. On an even more rare occasion… it evolves. And by changing and adapting – it lasts. It’s as special as it is rare. The Millinocket Marathon and Half is that unicorn, and in 2018 – it’s 4th year – it once again evolved, and is just as special as ever.

On this episode, Coach Darrell talks a bit about the difficulties of the winter season, then dives into the good stuff. Gary Allen (Race Director & Founder of Millinocket Marathon) and Pattie McNally (social media wizard) join Coach Darrell on this episode. They talk about why and how this event came to be, as well as how it’s evolved through the years. Pattie shares how the race’s social media works, and why it’s so special. Later, Gary shares exactly what his job really is as Race Director of this unique event. Finally, Coach Darrell shares a recap of his experience this year, and breaks down exactly why this race is so different, and so special.

On This Episode:

  • We touch on the awkward winter limbo

  • And we have our big Millinocket Marathon & Half special

  • We’ve got an interview on-site at the artisan fair with Race Director Gary Allen and Social Media wizard Pattie McNally

  • Then we get into a brief recap of the race this year

  • and we talk a little about what makes this race so very special, and what we can all stand to learn from it.

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