We do this dance every year.

Maybe this year it’s time to accept the hard truth about health and fitness New Year’s Resolutions: what happens next is up to you.

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Same approach, same results.

Everyone out there with a blog, podcast, certification, or opinion about fitness is doing it. They’re all telling you what YOU need to do to get this “new year’s” thing right. I’m guilty of it too – the last 4 or 5 years I’ve done it. I just kind of thought hey – we know New Year’s is tough, let’s try and help people break the cycle. Let’s give the people some tips and guidance – share some knowledge to help them experience lasting success this time! But I’ve realized… that doesn’t work. If it did… we’d all be perfect by now. And we’re not. So this year… I’m trying something different.On this episode Coach Darrell shares how 2018 closed out for him. We delve briefly into a conversation about how it goes and the difficulties therein, then we have a tough discussion. He shares the hard truth about not just New Year’s, but your health and wellness in general – that what happens next, today and every day, is up to you.

On This Episode:

  • Coach Darrell catches up a bit and shares how the year closed out for him

  • and Coach Darrell takes a new approach at the “new year’s” episode – and shares the hard truth about what happens next.

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