It’s time to think “big picture” with health and wellness.

We’ve been spoon-fed a lot of inaccurate advice about fitness and how best to reach our goals. Isn’t it time we learned a better way? Maybe we should understand a bit more about health and wellness so we can start thinking bigger picture.

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We’re treating symptoms, not solving problems.

For the longest time we’ve believed (and been told) that if we just work out more and eat better… Well, we’ll achieve our health and fitness goals. As it turns out, that’s exactly why so many people have such a hard time getting where they want to be. If we can take a big picture approach to health and wellness, we can do much better by solving the root cause of our issues. To do that, we need a thorough understanding of what health and wellness really means. And that’s precisely what we’ll do in this episode.

 In this episode we catch up with Coach Darrell after his unexpectedly long hiatus, and learn about his Health Coach Certification. Then we expand on what exactly he learned – what “health” and “wellness” really are, and why a holistic approach is a better path to improved health.

On This Episode:

      • The unexpected hiatus that was… unexpectedly long (and how it’s not so uncommon in life)
      • New developments since last we met – Health Coaching
      • A better understanding of “health” and “wellness” – what they really are & mean
      • The 8 Areas of Wellness
      • How everything (Health, wellness, stress, sleep, weight, etc) is all tied together
        • and why a big picture approach is really the best way to get healthier, feel better, add years to your life and quality to those years.

Interested in working with Darrell?

If you don’t live in Attleboro, or don’t have an Anytime Fitness near you… good news! You can still work with Coach Darrell via Mobile Health Coaching. All the benefits of Coach Darrell as your Health Coach – on the go and in the palm of your hand. If you’re ready to make change and have it stick, apply at

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