That’s right. The Falmouth Road Race is over, I finished in 01:10:04, raised (so far) $2,520.00 and feel on top of the world! So what do I do? I go and register for an even bigger race. Because 7.4 miles wasn’t enough…let’s go for 13.1. This is the official announcement –

I am officially registered for the Cape Cod Marathon Half.

But Wait…It Gets Better – I’m Sponsored!

Yeah, that’s right…I have a sponsor for my race entry! How ’bout that, huh? Look at me getting all legitimate up in here. So who would sponsor me?

SportClips in Falmouth. Yes, I actually get my hair cut there. For those who don’t know, SportClips is a sports-themed men’s “haircut place”. I don’t want to call it a barber shop, because it’s not, and I don’t want to call it a hair salon because that’s not manly enough. It’s kind of like a little man-spa. Seriously! There’s tv’s everywhere with sports on – in the waiting area and at each “haircutter”‘s chair. It’s pretty sweet. The reason I call it a “man-spa”? They have this thing called the “MVP”. It’s 5 bucks extra and basically its like they bring back the old school barbershop thing and mix it with something…new? After your haircut you go back to “the showers” and get a hot towel, scalp massage / shampoo, another hot towel, facial massage – its pretty sweet. Worth the 5 bucks each month I go. If you’re in Falmouth, check them out (they’re next to Michael’s and Wal-Mart). If you’re not in Falmouth, find one. I used to go to Procuts or Supercutsand this place blows them out of the water. No offense if you work there (I’m sure you don’t suck) but now I don’t have to worry about hoping I win the “haircutter” lottery so I don’t look like I lost a fight with a lawnmower. Some just people shouldn’t cut hair…

Anyway – about this race!

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Just so you know (in case you don’t) – a marathon is 26.2 miles, and a half-marathon is, you guessed it – 13.1 miles. Ever see a sticker on someone’s car that says 26.2 or 13.1? They ran one. There are many marathons throughout the country, with the Boston Marathon and the ING New York marathon being two that are both popular and nearby. The Cape Cod Marathon is put on by the Falmouth Track Club and has been around for a while – this is the 36th running. This year’s half-marathon is only the third one they’ve had, and it’s very popular. They limit entry to 1,200 runners and from what I’ve seen, it has filled up (early) both years they’ve held it. The course looks great, and part of it is actually along the Falmouth Road Race course, so there’ll be some familiar ground there. And it’s right in town! How convenient for me!

Didn’t you just start running at the end of March? You’re gonna double your top distance again in 75 days?

Well…yeah! Why not? Part of how I’ve come so far is that I’m constantly challenging myself, pushing and testing my limits. I don’t know what my limit is and, frankly, I don’t believe there IS a limit. There is only constant improvement. Impossible is nothing. In April I considered it an accomplishment that I made it 3 miles without stopping…now I can go 7 without stopping. By October, I’m sure I can go further, and I have no doubt I can not only finish the half-marathon, but achieve a time I can be proud of. A while ago I said one of my goals was to run the Boston Marathon 2015…and I meant it.

And It’s For A Good Cause, Too!

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I felt great being a part of Team Lanzoni and helping to do something incredible and raise so much money for Dana-Farber!  I want to do it again – this time for the V Foundation for Cancer Research. The V Foundation is the official philanthropy of my college fraternity – The Delta Chi Fraternity, Inc. I plan to raise and donate money to The V Foundation on behalf of The Boston Area Alumni Chapter of Delta Chi (of which I am President). We’ll see if I can get a team of Delta Chi Brothers and friends together to do this thing (before the half marathon fills up!). I’m going to have to get creative to do this since I don’t have those sweet raffle tickets Team Lanzoni gave us, but I’m sure with the help of the Boston Alumni Chapter and my friends and family I can come up with some great ways to raise money! I’ll be sure to let everyone know when the fundraising begins!

So Now It’s Time To Start Training Again

I feel good about this. I had such an incredible time at the Falmouth Road Race, and I feel like I can officially call myself a runner. So what am I gonna do? Keep Running. Keep on doing it. Keep on seeing how far I can go, how fast I can get there, how strong I can get, how much I can improve myself. The alternative is to get stagnant or maybe even lose everything I’ve worked for, and honestly that’s not an option. I didn’t get through My Transformation by deciding I had reached the mountaintop – I got where I have by continuing on. So, you know where I’m at…the question is: what are you gonna do?