Yesterday I talked about how MOCEAN Cape Cod went above and beyond in their sponsorship and helped me get into a second race. Today, I have more news on the same topic….two more runs have been added to the calendar!

People are really responding to this campaign I’m putting forth. The more people and businesses I talk to, the more people want to back me and help me do this thing. It’s great to have support in an endeavor such as this, and it’s nice to know there’s people out there that care about people getting healthy as much as I do. As far as I’m concerned, being able to raise money for charity while doing all that is icing on the cake.

SO, two more runs in preparation for the half-marathon. What are they? And who’s backing me to run them? I’m being backed by Flex Appeal Sports Nutrition in Burlington, MA.
They’re a hidden gem in Burlington, MA. I actually never even knew they were there until last week. We had just left the Used Book Superstore and took a wrong turn…Megan spotted them in the plaza I was using to turn around. We decided to take a look and were greeted by a fully stocked little store. They’ve got everything broken down on the shelves by category (and labeled), and they’ve got a good selection of protein, bars, cookies, etc. I was listening to the clerk talking to people about different things and he was incredibly knowledgable, and my favorite part – they don’t make commission there. I CANNOT overstate the importance of that. Employees of big chain nutrition stores, like GNC, make commission on certain products. Of course, they’re going to want to sell those products, so the opinions and advice they give you is skewed…and frankly I feel like I can never trust an employee’s advice when I go into one of those stores. Smaller, local stores like Flex Appeal…with NO COMMISSION, are great. I know I’m getting an honest recommendation. If you’re in the Burlington area (or anywhere close) check them out (282 Cambridge St.)! I’m pretty sure they’ve got a store in Medford too. You can check them out online at

So what about these races you mentioned?

I know, I went on for a minute there…but I think it’s important to recognize and thank the people that help you along the journey. SO – these races they backed me for…there’s TWO of them! I’ll go in chronological order:

9/22/13 – Tavern to Tavern 5K in Cambridge, MA

Oh boy oh boy…this looks like a fun one!

So basically you start this race at the Tavern In Porter Square, go out, do a loop and come back to the Tavern In Porter Square. Then there’s beer. Who doesn’t love beer after a race? It’s recovery carbs (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it). Your registration fee for this race benefits Cambridge Rindge & Latin Track and Field, so once again your entry fee is going to a good cause (isn’t that nice?). The website says the course is flat and fast, meaning (perhaps obviously) there’s no hills to contend with so you can turn it up and zoom along. I’m pretty excited – this one looks like a lot of fun…and since it’s an out-and-back course with the start/finish in the same place, if Megan doesn’t run it with me she can be there to see me both start and finish…we don’t have to pick! That was one of the most annoying things with the Falmouth Road Race – my parents trying to decide where they were gonna be…they wanted to see me running, but they wanted to see me finish (they ended up getting some prime real estate right near the finish line). And the other race?

10/20/13 – 31st Annual Boston Firefighters’ Local 718 Memorial Road Race 10K in Dorchester, MA

Boy, that was a mouthful! This one, I have to say, looks pretty awesome as well. The race is run in memory of Boston Firefighters who gave their lives in the line of duty. According to the website, the event raises money for various charities and helps fund scholarships. It also looks like they make this a pretty big event with a sizable celebration afterwards. The course is described on the site as follows: “A 10k (6.2 miles) USATF certified course that is fast and flat, with a great ocean view, strict course security, and electronic timing with mile splits.”. Sounds good to me!

Best part is, considering this race is six days before the half-marathon, it’s at a perfect time to be my last “long” run beforehand! Crazy to think, though, that I don’t consider 6 miles a “long” run anymore; 3 miles is short, 5 or 6 is average, and 10+ is long. Can’t wait for 10 to be average!

So That’s Where I’m At For The Next Two Months

I don’t think I’m going to be adding any more races to my calendar – I think that’s plenty for now. Between fundraising efforts (I’m already brainstorming events), endurance training, my regular workouts and work…I think I’ll be plenty busy!  I’m so excited to have the opportunity to run all these races and even more excited to be able to raise money for the V Foundation as a part of running them! If you’re going to be at any of these races, give me a shout and we can say hi at the finish!

Let this serve as a lesson – with enough determination and perseverance anything is possible. The only limit is the one YOU set for yourself.