Nobody is immune.
Up until 3 months ago, I was a 6-day-a-week fitness freak. I couldn’t even really rest on my rest day..I’d do yoga, or a long stretch session…something. Up until 3 months ago
Now I find it’s easier…to just…not.

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I’m once again in the shoes of so many others. I’m sure you know what I mean. It’s so easy to just…sleep in. It’s so easy to just…take a little too long having coffee…and oops…no time left to work out. 
But in the end…it’s really not so easy… but you might not realize why until it’s too late.

I know because I did this already

Sometimes, for an instant, I forget that I was 300 lbs two years ago. SOMETIMES I forget why I do what I do…and I fall back into bad habits…we ALL do. That extra half-hour of sleep I got by ignoring my alarm? Wasn’t really restful. That extra time I stayed up last night? I accomplished zero useful things. I could keep giving examples (and I usually do) but the point is…all of these things we do…it’s just wasting time. Sure, TV’s great (and I happen to be on a Breaking Bad binge right now) but wouldn’t it be even MORE great to feel like you accomplished something today?

Yeah. It would. Know why?

It’ll always come back around in the long-term
Whether it’s in a month, a year, or more…eventually you’ll see the results – whether you wasted time or used it wisely. I miss that feeling of accomplishment when I lost a couple pounds, or when I completed a workout program…Honestly, the only thing I’ve accomplished lately is losing muscle, gaining fat, and making a dent in my couch.

Backsliding sucks

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Example: I ran the Jingle Jog in Falmouth recently (recap coming soon) and I came in at 28:58. Many would say that’s great, and for many…it is!

But my PR is about 23:30.

I can do better than 28:58. Yes, I broke my knee. Whoopee. It’s healed – not an excuse. That time and my current condition is a result of not working out for the last three months.  Just not doing it has already come back around to bite me. Imagine what would’ve happened if I stayed out of it longer. Jeez…I might’ve ended up right back at 300 lb square one…

And now I have extra work to do

I have to make up for all those losses. I have to get back that 5 1/2 minutes I lost off my 5K time, gain back the muscle, lose the fat… And the best part?

It takes longer to fix than it did to break.

It can take much longer to re-lose the weight than it did to gain it back. That’s incredibly discouraging. Discouragement leads to lack of motivation. Lack of motivation leads you to…not. See the sick little self-fueling cycle we fall into?

You owe it to yourself to NOT not-

Every time you’re thinking “let’s…not”… just DO it. It’s easier to not, but it’s BETTER to not not. I immensely regret letting my fitness fall by the wayside. Hell, if I had stayed with my workouts…I might not have broken my knee in The Beast!

It’s time to do something about it.

You have to BEAT this. Every time you’re going to nothit it harder. You KNOW you can do it, and you know the saying…

I have already started – today is day 3 of Insanity. How about you?

No Regrets.