So THIS Is Fitness РPodcast Episode 11: The Best Is Yet To Come

Frankly…I’m still in disbelief. It’s still surreal. I still haven’t FULLY processed exactly what it is that happened at the Ghost Train Rail Trail Race…

I ran 100 miles. I was on my feet for 29 hours. …people…don’t DO that…

And yet here I am. I did. I’ll probably be trying to wrap my head around it for a while. They say running an ultramarathon you learn a lot about yourself, and you see the world differently. Completing, or even participating in…an endurance run of THIS magnitude…yeah. they’re right. It does.

So let’s chat a minute about exactly what the deal is here.

Episode Breakdown:
-Origins of the 100 mile endurance run
-100 miler stats, facts, & numbers
-“Try It On”
-Ghost Train Rail Trail race breakdown & event recap
-Thoughts…and lessons learned…

BIG THANKS to Cape Cod Nutrition Corner for sponsoring me into this season of events and making this whole thing possible.

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