Often times, in life, we think we know what we’re in for…only to find out we didn’t really get it. Well, this is one of those times I was 100% shown that I simply did not get it ahead of time. This past weekend Megan and I ventured up to Millinocket, Maine for the Millinocket Marathon…and while I totally thought I had a handle on what was going on…I was dead wrong.

We’ve got a JAM-PACKED episode for you today!

-We finally get Bryan and Peter of “How Was Your Run Today?” on the show
-We chat about Millinocket, small town charm and the lingering haunt of days gone-by
-Chat with a local business owner about the impact of the race
-Chat with the Race Director himself about his vision for the race, why he started it, and where he’d like to see it go.

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Also PLEASE do be sure to visit www.crowathletics.com – learn all about the organization the put on this race, as well as the other events they put on!

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