What stands out, really, in the fitness industry?

It’s a question I’m sure almost nobody thinks to ask, but I’m asking it. Does your gym really love you? And do YOU love it back? It’s weird, right? To think of it like that? What does that even mean? It’s a place with stuff you pick up and put down. A place with stuff you run on. You swipe a key card or fob or id badge or something and you do fitness-type stuff. Sometimes I go. Sometimes I don’t. Where’s the “love” in that?

Isn’t that the problem? SHOULDN’T there be more to it than that? Well, once again I’m reminded… Yes. There should be. And there is a place where that’s how it is.

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Fitness should be more than a chore.

Unfortunately, for what seems like the vast majority of people… it’s just that – a chore. Fitness is a task to be completed, a time-suck… a burden. It’s work. You go to a place you may or may not feel comfortable in with equipment you may or may not know how to use… and you may or may not be doing this whole thing right. The random high school kid at the counter may or may not look up at you as you walk in, and you’re probably not getting a whole lot of human interaction while you’re at the gym. Yeah, you’re right… that DOES suck…

But what if things were different?

What if the gym was a pleasant environment? A place where you’re familiar and comfortable with the equipment. Would a smiling face and a hello upon entry make you feel more at ease? What could a friendly offer of guidance mid-set from cheerful, approachable staff do for you? How would a bright, fun, non-judgemental atmosphere make you feel… and what about that high-five at the end of a hard-fought workout? Wouldn’t THAT be nice? I imagine you… *gasp*… might even look forward to it!

Therein lies the problem – most gyms just see you as a number.

Most gyms in the fitness industry simply see you as a monthly dues payment (or paid-in-full lump sum). Maybe they even get to see you as a personal training package! What they don’t see you as is a person. They don’t see or care about your goals, your hopes, your needs, your struggles, and your obstacles. They just see your money coming in every month.

I found a place that’s different.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – MY gym… the place I go to work out, and to WORK… they get it. Anytime Fitness gets it. Virtually every location I’ve visited, every staff member I’ve talked to… they all get it. The staff sees their members as people. They take a genuine interest in who you are as a person and what’s important to you. They want to know what makes you tick, and where you want to get.  They’re interested in how your past gym experiences have gone so they can help you have a better one this time. They want to make sure you ACTUALLY achieve your goals rather than just spinning your wheels and wasting time and effort.

So what does it look like when your gym “loves you”?

It looks like that hello and a smile when you walk in from the owner or manager. The fist bump or non-threatening, non-judgemental piece of advice or guidance from the personal trainer who KNOWS you’re not paying for his/her services and doesn’t let that stop him from guiding you. Better yet – that trainer teaches you how to work out effectively and sets you up with a plan… even though you’re not signing a training package. The lesson on how to use the equipment from the manager so you can be comfortable in the facility. The phone call or text when you haven’t been to the gym in a while. The celebration of your success when you hit a milestone or achieve a goal.

That is why I love my job. At the end of the day… it’s not really work at all for me. I get to help people do what I did – change their life. And I get to help make it fun in the process. I love my members… and I think that maybe, just maybe… they might love us back.

What’s in this episode:

  • Taking some “you” time
  • Runner’s High
  • Does Your Gym REALLY Love You?
    • A conversation with Anytime Fitness Co-Founder Chuck Runyon
    • JP, Shelly, and Trista from Antime Fitness HQ join the conversation!

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