The “impossible” is done all the time.

People say a thing is “impossible” for many reasons. Often it’s because they simply don’t fully understand it, can’t fathom it, and thus dismiss it. Little do they know… the “impossible” is accomplished all the time. This weekend, I and many like me will go out to do exactly that – the “impossible”.

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To finish a marathon is an incredible thing.

For most people out there, a marathon represents a feat of incredible athletic ability. Many people set it as a goal event for themselves, and typically, their friends call them crazy for doing it. Running a marathon is, truly, something remarkable. To train properly for a marathon requires you to work out according to a very serious schedule. You must eat properly to fuel yourself through the runs and workouts. You need to procure the appropriate gear for the task. It takes early mornings, late nights, dedication, and an understanding circle of friends and family. Crossing the finish line of a marathon is a monumental thing. And yet… for some people… this is not enough.

There exists a feat BEYOND the marathon.

Unbeknownst to most people, there are organized endurance running events longer than a marathon. Those events are called Ultramarathons… and they are not for the faint of heart. Whatever a marathon requires of you, an ultramarathon demands it ten-fold. This is not to say those who complete a marathon are not “good enough” in some way… I simply mean to say that as hard as they worked to rise above the “common runner”… there is a whole level of achievement still waiting for those people.

And once again, I’ll be taking on this task.

This weekend I, and many people like me, will take on the Ghost Train Rail Trail Race. Ghost Train is an ultramarathon which gives you 30 hours to complete as many 15 mile loops of the course as you can. Many come to this event hoping to claim a 100 mile finish, and the prize of a rail spike to commemorate their stunning victory. That’s what I took home last year, and it’s what I intend to bring home this year as well.

But what does it take to run an ultra?

Many people find out these incredible, impossible feats exist… and wonder “how?”. How exactly does one break the limits of the “common man” and rise up to conquer such a feat? That is exactly what we discuss in Episode 60 of the podcast.

For the full chat on this check out the podcast episode on iTunes here, on Android here, or on the web player at the top & bottom of this post. Don’t forget to hit “subscribe”!

What’s in this episode:

  • We talk about the busy week I’ve been having
  • Ultramarathons, what they are, and why you’d do one
  • The Ghost Train Rail Trail Race in particular
  • And we get into things YOU need to know to be better prepared including
    • Things to pack
    • Clothing, gear, and fueling considerations
    • A bit about pacers and crew
    • Strategy, risk management
  • And some final thoughts about what this is gonna be like including an answer to the question:
    • Are you ready? 

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