Sometimes the best things happen by accident.

Sometimes an idea develops into something you weren’t expecting. That’s what happened with this podcast episode. It’s also what happened with Orange Mud and their hydration products. In chatting with Josh Sprague (Founder & CEO of Orange Mud) I learned all about his adventures, hydration on the trail, and the culture of care that’s developed at Orange Mud.

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I love when I hear things like this.

I have a habit of setting myself up for success with interviews and product reviews. What I mean by that is, I usually only ever seek out or respond to opportunities that I have a feeling I’m going to like or that will go well. I suppose that’s more or less how many people tend to operate, huh? Usually, it works out the way I figure it will. Every once in a while I’m proven wrong. Sometimes, though, it goes even better than I expected. Sometimes I learn things about a person, product, or company that make me fall in love. That’s what happened with NOW Foods, and it seems to be happening with Orange Mud.

“It’s about more than profit.”

I had an opportunity to get Josh Sprague on my show a while back. He’s an adventure athlete, ultramarathoner, and all-around badass. He’s also the Founder and CEO of Orange Mud – a hydration company that sells a ton of products like vests, packs, and the infamous “HydraQuiver”. It took me a while to respond, but I finally did, and we set up the interview. Once we started talking… I’ve gotta say, the conversation didn’t go where I thought it would. We spent a LOT more time on some things, a lot LESS time on other things, and went places I wasn’t even expecting to go. In the end, I learned a LOT about Josh, Orange Mud, and what they’re both really all about. And I have to say… I’m really impressed and really diggin’ it.

It’s all about taking care of people.

That’s really the main message I got from Josh and Orange Mud – at the end of the day, it’s about taking care of people. REAL people. The ones who are out there doing their thing every day. The ones who are middle or even back-of-the-pack runners. He’s not super concerned about elite athletes, and he has no patience for prima donnas and the overly self-important. He’s here for us. Josh and his team at Orange Mud have cultivated what I can only describe as a real “culture of care”. He wants you to be taken care of and have what you need when you’re out there taking on your sport / activity of choice. He wants you to have a comfortable pack that fits well and stores what you need. It doesn’t matter your size, shape, or gender – he’s got something for you. And if he doesn’t? He’ll make it. Not happy? Return it. But it better have gotten sweaty (and been washed) – he wants you to USE the thing, try it out, see if it is or isn’t right for you. But maybe best of all – he’s inspired by you, Average Joe, and has YOU in mind when he’s at work designing, building, and distrubuting his products.

STIF Pod Cover #97 - Adventure Hydration Josh Sprague fb link size

Josh is pretty cool, too.

Through our conversation I got to learn a lot about Josh himself, too. I learned that, apparently, “gravel biking” is a different sport than mountain biking. I also learned what an “adventure race” really is, that you navigate it with a map and compass, and that not only are running, biking, swimming and kayaking involved… but sometimes, so is roller blading! More than that, though, I learned about Josh’s travels, his family, and got a little insight into what makes him tick. Through all this, ultimately, I saw what brought him to where he is today, and why Orange Mud is how it is.

I have to say, after our chat, I’m all about Orange Mud. I love their gear (I’m testing out the Endurance Pack 2.0), I love their culture, and I love what they stand for. If you’re looking for a new hydration pack, you should check them out. And you should DEFINITELY give a listen to episode 97 of the So THIS Is Fitness podcast so you can hear our whole chat. You’ll probably dig it just as much as I did.

Oh, and we’re giving away his best-selling product! (check out the rafflecopter widget at the bottom of this post).

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What’s in this episode:

  • We finally talk about the stellar couple of weeks I’ve been having
  • We BRIEFLY preview the next few episodes
  • And we get into my chat with Josh Sprague, where we talk
    • About him, his life, and his adventures
    • What Orange Mud is, and how it started
    • And how he operates his business… and why.

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