Getting my (blog) life together with CoSchedule

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I’m not perfect… but I know it.

I’m well aware that sometimes my life is a mess. There’s nothing wrong with admitting that. What’s wrong is pretending you’re awesome when you’re not. Ignoring a problem does not make it go away… it makes it worse. If you need help… seek it out. THAT is exactly what I did with my blogging life. Organization, timeliness, and promotion are not always my strongest suits… and then I found CoSchedule. 

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Enjoy A Podcast In 5 Easy Steps!

how to listen to a podcast

In promoting my podcast, I’ve been asked a question. The question makes me stop in my tracks, drop my jaw, then remember…I once asked this very same question.

What’s a “podcast”?

I had no idea what a podcast even WAS, nevermind how to subscribe to a feed or listen to an episode.

There are SO many good podcasts out there with SO many good episodes… We just can’t leave the masses uninformed! So – here it is…what, exactly, a podcast is, and how to enjoy them in just 5 easy steps!

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