2014 is going to be a huge year – If things go the way I’m hoping for I’ll not only be running a race almost every weekend…but I’ll be running a half-marathon a month and my first marathon or Spartan Beast by the fall! Maybe both.
I’m going to push myself, I’m going to find the ceiling and SMASH through it

and I want YOU to join me.

I’m calling it the “Lose Your Limits” Challenge 2014. The idea is simple, the challenge is not. 
“Lose Your Limits”?

Like I said – The idea is simple: most of us think we have a pretty good idea of what our limits are. We know what we’re capable of, and we know what probably isn’t a good idea. We’re also SURE of what we simply can’t do. Running? No way. I’m not a runner. I can’t go out there and do that. Obstacle race? Are you kidding me? Marathon?! Are you high?!

I thought I knew what time it was. I was a big guy. I was always gonna be a big guy. That’s just how it was. I just needed to not be a huge guy. There was no way I would ever be under 200 lbs…I couldn’t do that even at the PEAK of my physical fitness in high school. No way it was ever gonna change.

Then Megan and I did P90X. That was August 2012. Mid-June 2013 I broke 200 lbs.

I was not a runner. I was not an athlete. I was not gonna go out there and run. Just because I could do P90X and INSANITY didn’t mean I could actually get out on pavement and go. That was a whole ‘nother animal entirely.

But Megan and I went out for a run. That was late-March 2013. May 2013 I finished my first 5K. Late-October 2013 I finished my first half-marathon.

Starting to catch on to the trend? The first time I challenged myself was August 2012. Nothing has been the same since then. 

I got out of my bubble. I left my comfort zone in the dust. I made time to make it work. I pledged to myself and to those I love that I would make a change. And I DID. I changed my life.

I want you to join me for the next step of the journey.  

What do I want you to do, exactly? I want you to take the pledge to lose your limits by challenging yourself. If there’s anything I’ve learned in the last 16 months its this: the only limits we truly have are the ones we set for ourselves. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it until I’m blue in the face – Given time and training, anything is possible. What do you think you can’t do? What’s outside your comfort zone? Do you think you can’t contort yourself into some kind of human pretzel (which would mean yoga is out of the question)? Do you think there’s no way you have the stamina, endurance, or just plain ability to go and run any kind of distance (however short)? Do you think you’re the most wimpy weakling on the planet and the idea of lifting weights is laughable? Do you think there’s just no time to get it done? Don’t have anywhere you can work out?

See where I’m going with this?

If it’s something you “don’t do”, “won’t do” or “can’t do”…guess what? Go DO IT. It doesn’t have to be a physical barrier – notice how “no time” and “don’t have anywhere” were in there? Lots of people have a barrier like that in their way – they think they don’t have time or anywhere to do it. They’re just as wrong as the guy or girl who thinks they can’t run a mile.

If I can do it, anyone can do it. Seriously – see this guy? These two are the same guy.

Hard to believe, I know. Amazing what happens when you get out of your own way, huh?

THIS ISN’T JUST FOR NEWBIES! Do you already work out? Already run races? Do Crossfit? What’s the next big step that you haven’t done yet? The next race you don’t think you  can handle? Do you lift/Crossfit and don’t think you can run to save your life? Bingo. 

What am I doing, you ask?

So far I have 13 races lined up through July, including a few half-marathons and an obstacle race. I am planning on adding many more, and by fall my goal is to participate in and finish my first marathon or Spartan Beast / Tough Mudder. More on all those races coming VERY soon. First race is January 5th! BRRRR! Check out the race calendar tab to the right for all my races (click “find more” to see them all!) – maybe come run a race with me! (if you DO want to, reach out! Comment, shout out on Facebook, use the contact form below, or email me at Darrell@SoTHISIsFitness.com.

So How Do You Take The Pledge?

Simple: Go to the Facebook Page here. “Like” the page, and follow the instructions. Make the commitment. 

Don’t have Facebook? “Follow” the blog (via email or RSS – instructions below) and comment below telling us all that you’re gonna do it! You can even tell us what limit you’re gonna lose!

You Can Do This.

If you make the commitment, take the pledge, and set your mind to it – you can absolutely CRUSH this challenge! There are lots of articles already on this blog to help you – check out the below articles for a good start in the right direction:

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There will be many more articles, product reviews, updates and (hopefully) giveaways / contests to help you along the way in your challenge. I encourage you to follow this blog via e-mail (enter yours right above the run calendar box) or via RSS (click the orange RSS feed tab on the left of the page) to make sure you get all the updates!

No excuses. It’s time to get out of your own way, lose your limits, and change your life.

Will you take the pledge and accept the challenge? Leave a comment and let us know!