So much happened in 2014… Not just for me, but for a lot of people I know.

2013 was a year of change. 2014 was a year of testing the waters, challenging ourselves, pushing the limits…

and shattering them to bits. 

Just what kind of change can you accomplish in a year? How far can someone come? This is my opportunity to look back and reflect…to appreciate the people I met, things I did, and how far I came…and to believe in what I can do in 2015. The Year Of The Conqueror is coming, but first I have to appreciate Limitless 2014.

Where to even begin…

2014 saw a newly-fit 25 year old man eager to take on the world. I had lost 125 lbs, I had crushed my 5K PR, and I had run my first half-marathon. I wanted to see what this new body could do…what could possibly be next?


I took it upon myself to show just how much someone can accomplish when they set themselves to task. I ended up becoming pretty busy. I ran everything from 5K to half-marathon (6 of them!) and did a BUNCH of Obstacle Course Races (including The Beast…yikes!). By the time it was all said and done I had registered or otherwise committed for 37 races, and anticipated that I’d do 40 by year’s end. I would’ve gotten there, too, if it weren’t for breaking my knee (break was race 32, did 2 more post-injury).

That break was a game-changer for me.

Why? I got married this year! My wife, Megan, is very understanding about this whole “fitness” and “running” thing…but the weekend I went to Killington and broke myself at The Beast was different. The “in sickness & in health” clause got invoked in a big way, and not only could I not run…or workout…I couldn’t even walk for 6 weeks. Megan had to help me with virtually everything.

I got a taste of what life is like for a lot of people.

A lot of members at my gym come through the door battling something that is physically hindering their ability to take care of their health and fitness. For many of them, their malady is not going away  in 6 – 12 weeks like mine did. While I can never fully understand what it’s like to live your life like that, I got a sample…and I can appreciate how hard it is. I am inspired by the people that battle through this every day, especially those I see at my gym…

Oh…and, I started working in Fitness full-time!

I made a major life-change / career-shift and left the restaurant I had been at for 3 years (and my half-baked long-term plan) and became the Club Manager at an Anytime Fitness near me. The people I’ve met and the opportunities that have opened up for me have been life-altering. I’ve met so many people with so many stories…it’s mind-blowing. I’ve seen people come to tears in the face of a major achievement. I’ve seen people spit in the face of adversity and begin their journey despite mountains of deterrents. I’ve seen people go from self-loathing to self-loving. It’s simply incredible, and I consider myself so fortunate to be a part of these peoples’ fitness journey. They inspire me to continue on and reach higher.

2014 also saw some great professional relationships established. I was sponsored by so many different groups for my racing journey, and I’m taking a great relationship with Health Warrior, Cape Cod Nutrition Corner and Perfect Fuel into 2015.

I can’t wait to take on my next challenge. The Year of the Conqueror is coming. What did YOU accomplish in Limitless 2014…and what will you conquer in 2015?