It’s always easier to “not”.

It doesn’t take much for us to stay in bed, sit on the couch, and otherwise simply NOT do it. When you factor in the bitter cold, snow, wind, and all-around poor conditions of winter… you can just forget the whole “getting outside for a run” thing. Maybe that’s why folks who DO go out there and run despite the winter chill are called “winter warriors”.

It’s not such a crazy concept, when you really break it down… and understanding the “why”? Well…if you’re in this fitness thing, or you’re even THINKING about it… I bet you’ll get it.

There’s plenty to go over in this episode…

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I wasn’t really sure what to expect from this episode when the idea struck me. What I ended up with was…dare I say… pretty awesome. I had the opportunity to interview 4 people who all had some interesting and different ideas on why THEY get out there despite the bitter winter cold. Their stories ranged from pretty normal to pretty extraordinary.

So what exactly is in this episode?

  • Revisiting my big goals for this year, and what kind of a start that’s off to.
  • Winter Warlock 5K, 10K, 13.1, & 18 Miler 2017
  • What’s In The Box – January Edition
  • On-site at Winter Warlock
    • Participant experience
    • Why they are Winter Warriors
  • My thoughts on why to be a Winter Warrior

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