I’ve been struggling lately.

Seems to be a common thing with me, right? No matter how on-top-of-it I might try to be, it seems I’m always missing the mark somewhere. It’s probably a result of me trying to do too much with, quite simply… too little time in the day. I know I’ve got my challenges, and I know EXACTLY what’s working against me, just like (I’m sure) many of you do too. Just because I KNOW, though, doesn’t mean I always win the fight. Lately, I’ve found myself… a little conflicted.

Yes, I understand that’s vague.

But honestly, sometimes a simple explanation is enough. I’ve mostly figured out the answer here. I took some time the past couple of weekends to really try and get a handle on this. Now, I think I’ve got it. This time… it’s going to be different.

“Thou Shalt Not Covet”

If you read the title you knew this was coming – stay with me here. No, I’m most certainly NOT trying to open up a theological debate. I find, though, that despite major differences… many (if not most) religious texts tend to have a lot of the same basic moral guidance. Y’know, the kind of stuff we should be living by on a daily basis. The easy stuff – 

  • Don’t Kill People
  • Don’t Steal Stuff
  • Listen To Your Parents
  • Treat Others How You’d Want Them To Treat You
  • the list goes on

Basic and easy, right? You would think so. Sometimes I’m pretty dense, though, and need to be reminded of the basics. It happened recently… and it happened in such a way that I realized…

This is my “Come to Jesus” moment.

People who’ve “lost their way” often “find God” or have that epic, emotional “come to Jesus” moment. It’s where they realize they’ve “strayed from the path” and religion brings them back home. To the straight-and-narrow. To their true purpose in life. Yes, I realize this is kind of an incredible use of hyperbole, but it’s the best way I can think to describe this. As cheesy or grandiose as it may sound… in some small way… that’s the sort of place I’m at right now. Not through religion, not like I’m actually “finding Jesus” right now (I did say this isn’t a religious discussion, right?)… But that sort of coming-to-your-senses and finding “the way” – THAT is what I’m about right now.  It happened over two distinct moments.

podcast episode 22The first moment was innocent enough…

I was trying to figure out how to justify a podcast episode idea I had. Megan, my Mom and I were getting ready to go to the South Shore Food & Wine Expo, and I was stuck. Aside from the fact that it was a GREAT event we wanted to go to… the point was for me to blog and podcast about it. Problem was… I found myself asking if it would lose me readers and listeners. I was trying to find a way to spin it to fit the “health and fitness” niche. And I found myself wondering… WHY do I need to spin it? That moment wasn’t so much like a punch to the mouth… but rather… this nagging… something.

The second moment hit me like a ton of bricks.

I was on Instagram sharing content, finding people to follow, doing my thing… and I stumbled across something. Someone people were raving about. I followed the links and found a site that seemed to be growing well. This site had fantastic engagement, virtually 100% user-generated content… and even its own ambassador program! And I found myself incredibly jealousAnd that’s when it hit me.

What that guy’s doing isn’t my thing. That’s not what So THIS Is Fitness is even MEANT to be… so why am I jealous of him? Like honestly… it’s not even CLOSE to what I’m trying to do. The ONLY similarity is that it’s running-related and there are event reviews. Then I realized I’ve been looking at virtually everyone who’s doing something similar to me… and getting jealous. Envious. I’ve been so caught up with what THEY’RE doing… spending so much time trying to figure out how to capitalize on what THEY figured out… that I’m not worrying about ME, and how to improve MY thing.

This is where the Bible lesson comes in.

Thou shalt not covet” – “don’t be jealous of what someone else has”. If I had to take a stab, I’d say some of the point of that is for us to appreciate what we have, rather than be envious of what others do. You would think that’d be simple, right? I mean, after all… it’s one of the Ten Commandments… those are supposed to be some of the most basic moral tenets to live by. Whoops. Maybe I should get onboard…

Well, that’s the realization I had. I find myself noticing this all over the place now, actually. I just recently had a long discussion with a couple of different people about someone who, for lack of a better phrase, is committing this same sin. Worrying about what everyone else is doing instead of worrying about what’s REALLY important. (Difference is… he’s completely oblivious & unapologetic about it… another story for another day)

So it’s time I take my own advice.

transformation photo - 130 lb weight lossI know who I am, I know what I want, and I know what So THIS Is Fitness is meant to be. I need to bring focus back to where this all started, why I put it out there, and what it’s really meant to be. My “core mission”, so to speak.

I started this with a simple purpose – to share my journey & transformation for the benefit of others going through the same things. The point was to show that I’m just some schmuck – Average Joe… and if I can get it together, lose 130 lbs, and do the things I’m doing… anyone can. It’s grown over time, and I’ve accomplished some truly… unfathomable things. My perspective has changed… my concept of what’s “normal”, what’s “crazy”, and what’s “nothing” has totally shifted. I put the word “just” in front of things like “5K” and “5 miles”. While it’s great that I, personally, have reached that point… I lost sight of one of the most important messages I put out there:

Never forget where you started.

So here I am. Bringing it back to square one. Remembering the whole point of this thing. Share my journey to show others it really IS possible. Show people what it takes to get there from the perspective of someone who’s done it and been there. Share all the things, lessons, perspectives, stumbles struggles and successes that I WISHED someone had told me when I was getting started.

I’ve reached a really good place.

All of this has grown into something much more than it was in the beginning… and now I know where the next step leads. It’s time to grow it and take it to that new place. I’ll be bringing much more content to this website… bringing it back to what it was meant to be. Blogs about my thoughts and my journey. Recipes that help me get my nutrition in line. The Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook pages as an outlet for me to share those things. The podcast as a new platform for me to do all these things in a longer, more thorough, and more free-form way. Bringing other people’s experiences and opinions into the picture via guest appearances & interviews. Figuring out how exactly my amazing wife fits into this picture.

surrounded by family friends and crew at Ghost Train 100This is not a journey to be traveled alone.

One of the most important things I learned through my original 130 lb weight loss journey… don’t go it alone. I encourage you to interact, engage, and reach out! Connect with and contact me through all those mediums. Repost & share on social media, get your freinds involved. Share the journey – both yours AND mine. Let’s inspire and motivate each other. Keep each other accountable. Like I always say… the only limits we TRULY have are the ones we set for ourselves. It’s time we all get out of our own way and make it happen.

Let’s do this thing.


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