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I know next to nothing about running shoes.

I’m a pretty simple guy. Up until this review process came along, and the Reebok Harmony Road dropped into my lap… the extent of my shoe knowledge was “yeah it feels good”, “ooh, pretty”, and “yeah… feels like these need to retire”.  I had reviewed foods, supplements, and other types of “gear”… but not a shoe. And now, here I was… with the opportunity to do just that. “Here’s some shoes – go nuts!” – Who was I kidding? I’m WHOLLY unqualified for this.

So, naturally, I gave myself a crash course

Now that I’ve done that? Instant shoe-genius, obviously. Ok, not so much… BUT – I DO know a few things. I know why certain shoes work for me and others don’t… I know why I like what I like… and I get why the Reebok Harmony Road is a solid shoe. So… take a chance… venture forth with me… into my first ever running shoe review. 

I really should know what I’m talking about.

Honestly, as an ultramarathoner… it really is in my best interest to know about the technical stuff about running shoes. So, self-educating I went… just like I did for the first year of my fitness journey. Just like when I got into marathons and ultramarathons. Doing it the hard way… because why should anything be easy.

So what did I learn?

Oh all SORTS the heelof stuff – the sort of stuff that’s going to seem super basic to my running friends who are giggling at me for being so late to the knowledge-party. SO… there’s going to be a separate post which, God help me, is going up flipping soon. THAT post will explain all the stuff I just self-taught (because that’s half the point of So THIS Is Fitness, right?). For now? Let’s stick to the meat and potatoes – the Reebok Harmony Road. I want to talk experience… and the tech behind it.

reebok harmony roadThe fit and feel were solid (with one caveat)

Those of you who know me personally (or have heard me complain)… know that I have fat feet (literally, wide or extra wide sizing). Part of me thinks this is a product of my having been grossly overweight most of my life and gravity just kinda squishing and spreading out my feet like too-soupy pancake batter. Why is this relevant? Why am I taking the time to preface my review with this?

This “wide sizing” crap is a miserable existence for a runner.

Every time I have the opportunity to try a shoe, promote a shoe, or just need to BUY new shoes… my selection is limited not only by the type of shoe I need (stability vs neutral)… but the fact that I usually need a 4E width. Sometimes I can get away with a 2E… but across the board… the thought of wearing a standard-width shoe (D) is laughable. This is more of a pain than you might think – it seems the best, most high-tech, most visually appealing shoes… never come in a damn 2E or 4E width.

I REALLY like the fit of this shoe.

The Harmony Road just feels really good! The toe-box has adequate room so I can kinda scrunch up my toes to stretch out, flex, and make sure I can still feel them on long cold runs. The heel cup feels pretty perfect, and I’m really liking the low-cut style around the ankle… no rubbing, no chafing, and no constriction when I want to shake it out, stretch and move a bit.

So why mention that “fat foot” nonsense?

This is the one part of the shoe that is positively KILLING me… The midfoot is a bit tight. And by “a bit”… I mean I’m spilling over the sole of the shoe by about 1/4″ to 1/2”. OMG I can’t stand it… I LOVE this shoe… and THAT has to be my issue. *sigh*. Nevertheless, I tried it for some brief runs anyway.

Run-testing the Reebok Harmony Road

Did I mention the test runs were short? Well.. short for me, meaning 3 or 4 miles. I’m pretty disappointed in this, I have to say… and it’s my own fault. I’ve got Providence Marathon coming up May 7th and for the last 2 or 3 weeks… I haven’t been able to get a run in the double-digits to save my life. The short runs I got in THIS shoe, however, were awesome.

Rides like a Caddy

reebok harmony road heelOK, that’s an exaggeration… but the point remains… One of the reasons I love shopping at local running stores is they generally let you jog around a bit to try out the shoe. The ride, the weight of the shoe, the shock absorption… these are the things I usually notice right away. Well, I already said it’s super light… but the ride is so smooth. Reebok has put in different “zones” in the midsole, with this funky, noodle-looking foam by the heel… all that air and room in there? It allows the foam to compress, to shock absorb you. Welcome to your smooth ride, folks!

Not only that… but they feel incredibly light for an all-around trainer. One of the nifty pieces of tech in the Harmony Road is the lightweight, synthetic mesh upper. It’s so light and airy it’s almost like I’m not wearing anything. With how breathable this is, I have a feeling it’s going to make a GREAT summer road running shoe. The upper is also seamless which, supposedly, alleviates irritation concerns.

This feels like a good long-distance trainer.

Given the light feel, the shock absorption, and the freedom of movement… I could totally see this as a potential “long slow run” shoe for my big weekend runs. Honestly, I’d probably wear it on shorter, faster runs too… but that’s jsut me. That said, I know there are lighter shoes out there, so this may not be everyone’s choice for short speedy runs, or sprint workouts. Long ones? Sure. I’d recommend it for those.

This is Reebok’s big comeback, apparently

harmony road rw badgeI did mention I’m not a big running shoe geek, right? It would seem that Reebok hasn’t been playing in the “running shoe sandbox” much lately, and this was their foray back into the spotlight. I’d say they did a good job… and apparently, so would Runner’s World – who gave the Reebok Harmony Road recognition as it’s best running shoe debut of 2017. As far as I’m concerned… they did a good job with it. Honestly, I WISH it came in 4E, or even 2E… but alas, my curse… the fat foot keeps me from experiencing the best shoes out there in their most perfect-for-my-foot form. I’m going to keep wearing them though… at least for now… and see where this goes. WHO KNOWS… maybe I can rock these things with no adverse effects. Time will tell. Until then… perhaps you should get out there and get YOURself a pair. Get your own pair! Click this link to buy your own pair online now! – They’re retailing for $120 right now. Get after it, get out there for a run, and let me know how you like them!