I continue to be floored & impressed by the people I meet.

If you believe the best in humanity, you’ll encounter it…and that’s exactly what happened on frigid Millinocket weekend. Katrina White is an AMAZING person, someone who’s story I can only call a True Triumph. I am thrilled to have her on the show to share that story and shine a little light on the hope that awaits every single person out there hoping to make a transformation.
There was a lot to cover in this episode…

I’m THRILLED to have Katrina on the show!

What’s in Episode 17?

-Life Today for Katrina White
-Katrina’s AMAZING 150 lb weight loss journey
-Discovering running, & conquering her first marathon – Millinocket Marathon!
-Thought on the journey, attitude, and what others can expect
-Inspiring the next generation through Girls On The Run
-much more!

It was so great to have someone on the show who’s been there, and keenly understands the struggle…but also knows that just because she lost triple digits doesn’t mean everyone else needs to. It’s all relative, as I always say.

Join Katrina as she shares her story!

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