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There’s just not enough time in the day (or in the podcast) sometimes. So many things to talk about… Well, today I cover three BIG things! Two of them I cover REALLY well! One is…well…just tough to talk about with saying the same thing everyone else has already said.


The spotlight here is…The New England Spahtens.


Who, what, why, and how. And more, of course 🙂 And I’ve got Paul Jones to tell me allllll about it.

Hot off the heels of their big win in Mud Run Guide’s “Best Of” OCR awards, I interview Paul Jones, the de facto face of the New England Spahtens! We get into:

-OCR, and its roots
-The growth of OCR, emergence of the “Big 3”, and rise/fall of the “little guys”
-The origins of The New England Spahtens, and where it is today
-What “community” really means…and what it looks like

If you’re interested in checking out the Spahtens, and maybe becoming a part of their crowd, visit the links below! Also, be sure to listen to The NE Spahtens Show. That’s their podcast, and I assure you, it’s lovely.

visit join.nespahtens.com for all the links you could want!


After the interview…I get into a bit about…well…New Year’s Resolutions. because…well…why wouldn’t I, right? I just can’t help myself.


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