There are more ways to triumph than weight loss.

There’s a concept in the fitness world, which I have talked about many times… called “non-scale victories”. Often times the scale might not move as much as we’d like and we get discouraged. Times like those it’s important to celebrate the non-scale victories, like “hey, that shirt fits great now!” or “I finished a 5K!” or “wow, I just finished the Spartan Ultra Beast at Mt. Killington!”

Ok… some people are more extreme than others.

My guest for Episode 30 of the podcast is a True Triumph in all senses of the word. This guy took charge, picked himself up out of a situation that was hazardous to his health, and got it together. First… for his kids… then… for himself… and after that? Well… now he’s shepherding his crew towards THEIR big non-scale victories.

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Everyone finds fitness in their own way.

Mike Collins Drive FitFor Mike Collins, it was his first child and some strong words from the doctor about a fatty liver. After making the decision to do something, he went through the same song and dance we all do… finding a gym. This is, typically, one of the worst parts of the “finding your fitness” experience… and it’s what causes a lot of people to fall off before they even pick up steam. He tried a couple of gyms and bootcamp-style things that just weren’t right, and one even landed him in PT with shin splints! This could’ve been the end for Mike… another tried and failed attempt, despite best intentions…

But he didn’t give up.

Mike was a little more determined, this time, to really make a change… and not just fart around at the gym aimlessly not making progress. So he tried again. And he, of course, joined (among others) one of the cheapie $10 kind of gyms. Naturally, it wasn’t a good fit (they never are, seriously).

And that’s when it happened. Someone happened to recommend he try “this new place across the street” and he gave it a shot. Turns out… it was a match made in heaven. Mike found Drive Custom Fit, and it was the beginning of something amazing for him.

Mike’s transformation really took off.Mike Collins before and after

He began really making progress… really giving it his all… so much so that both members AND instructors thought he worked there! Mike got into the classes, into fitness, into yoga. He found Obstacle Course Racing and his love of the finish line… and eventually… found a love for working in the industry.

Mike Collins FamilyMike’s life now is wholly different than when he started.

Instead of “crushing packs of Oreos while playing World of Warcraft”… instead, he’s summiting Mt. Killington running the Spartan Ultra Beast. He’s running marathons and countless obstacle course races. He’s practicing yoga and perfecting his crow pose. He’s setting an excellent example for his kids.

Mike is the kind of guy we should all strive to be. Check out his story, share it with a friend, and let’s show the world how to #LiveLifeLimitless!

What’s in this episode of the Podcast:

  • Thanks for the support on the career move!
  • So much to do!
  • Sickness? More like “suck-ness”
  • Caffeine & the World Anti-Doping Agency
  • Sleep
  • The coming days
  • Our guest – Mike Collins!
    • health concerns
    • trials & tribulations of finding the right gym
    • match made in heaven – Drive Custom Fit
    • becoming a trainer
    • obstacle course racing & the Ultra Beast
    • bringing others to the mountain-top
    • getting… pulled off the race course?

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