#21 – Winter Warriors & Why We Do It

Podcast Ep 21 Winter Warriors & Why We Do It

It’s always easier to “not”.

It doesn’t take much for us to stay in bed, sit on the couch, and otherwise simply NOT do it. When you factor in the bitter cold, snow, wind, and all-around poor conditions of winter… you can just forget the whole “getting outside for a run” thing. Maybe that’s why folks who DO go out there and run despite the winter chill are called “winter warriors”.

It’s not such a crazy concept, when you really break it down… and understanding the “why”? Well…if you’re in this fitness thing, or you’re even THINKING about it… I bet you’ll get it.

There’s plenty to go over in this episode…

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Race Recap – Winter Warlock 2017

Winter Warlock 2017 bib

Sometimes…the important thing is to just GET OUT THERE…

It’s a new year…with a new set of goals…and a new reason to get out there. With such lofty goals as a 22 hour 100 miler and a sub-4 hour marathon… no training opportunity can be passed up. That said… when presented with the opportunity to run a half-marathon in an otherwise mostly race-barren month… who am I to say no? So, off I went to Plymouth for Winter Warlock 2017.

Let’s just say… it didn’t go exactly how I thought it would… in a number of ways. I’m still trying to decide how I feel about that. 

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#20 – We All Only Get One Shot To Live

Podcast Ep 20 title image

By now, we know how I feel about “limits”.

If you’ve ever heard my podcast or read the blog you KNOW – I am a FIRM believer that the only limits we TRULY have are the ones we set for ourselves. Well, I might not have really stopped to think how or why we imagine those limits to exist in the first place.

Now, I’m thinking about it a little more.

I think I understand, just a little bit better, what keeps some people from taking the plunge. Why some of the, seemingly, most interested people ultimately leave the gym without joining. Prepare for one of those… “ooooohhhhh…” moments.

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#19 – 2017, Goalsetting, & Getting Uncomfortable

Podcast Ep 19 2017, goalsetting, & getting uncomfortable

If you’re going to get somewhere…you have to know how to get there. In order to know HOW to get there… don’t you first have to know WHERE it actually is you’re going? Goalsetting. It’s probably the most important step of the whole “achieving your goal” process.

Welcome to the reason why New Year’s (fitness) resolutions fail – all this ambition backed by no goal and no plan.

Sometimes you figure it out. Sometimes you can push. You keep achieving your goals as they get progressively harder. Eventually…the next logical goal makes you REALLY uncomfortable…
Well gee…guess we just have to figure that out, eh? Don’t worry…it’s not as bad as it sounds 🙂

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Review – Breath Thermo by Mizuno Running

New England really is a great place to live – I absolutely love it here. The history, the scenery, the charm…as cheesy as all that is to say…there really is something to it.

What’s positively obnoxious, however, is the weather. Roasting-hot, humid summer days, absolutely frigid winter nights…and everything in-between. If you’re really lucky you can experience all four seasons within one week. Awesome.

In order to survive the ever-changing New England weather, it’s important to have the right gear & apparel. I got out of my comfort zone and tried some new stuff…and…wow.

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