Podcast Episode 24 – “It’s Not Enough”

Podcast Episode 24 - it's not enough - feature photo

“It’s not enough”.

We get told, every single day, that “it’s not enough”. The “it” may vary, and the person telling us that “it’s not enough” varies too. The point remains the same. We don’t measure up. We are not yet satisfactory. IT is not yet satisfactory. Maybe that “it” is “the amount of time we have in a day”. Maybe that “it” is “how pretty you are”. “It” could be any number of things.

There are some very important things to consider. On this lovely snow day, I took a moment to stop, smell the (snow-covered) roses, and really think about all of this. It’s not an easy thing to talk about… but I’m good at talking. And I’ve been there… just like with all of this stuff… it’s nice to get something off my chest that I’ve dealt with for so long. 

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Low-Fat Buffalo Chicken Dip (recipe) – It DOES Exist!

recipe - low-fat buffalo chicken dip

Being healthy does not mean deprivation.

One crucial thing I had to learn during my initial 130 lb weight loss journey… was how not to deprive myself. I had to find a way to satisfy the cravings I had while still “eating healthy”. I loved nachos, cookies, cake, ice cream, candy bars, 7 layer dip, buffalo chicken wings… the works. Classic “fat kid” and “drunk college kid” food, right? So when my wife told me she was gonna make a low-fat buffalo chicken dip…

Yes – LOW-FAT Buffalo Chicken DIP

She literally just came up with it one day. An idea turned to trial & error turned to delicious reality. With the Super Bowl LITERALLY tomorrow… you may be in a position where maybe you’re hosting a party and want to provide something relatively healthy. Maybe you’re ATTENDING a party and… well… want to actually have something you’re going to EAT. YOU, sir or madam, are in luck. 

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#23 – This Time WILL Be Different

Podcast Ep 23 - This Time WILL Be Different

Sometimes we get locked into a sick cycle of failure.

When that happens… things can seem pretty hopeless. We can seem completely lost. Permanently locked into a neverending circle of mediocrity and non-progress. Eventually, we might give up hope of success completely.

It’s when we find ourselves in those desperate, terrible situations… that we need to believe in ourselves and the power of change more than ever. We need to believe that we CAN try again… and that THIS time… things WILL be different. We NEED to BELIEVE.

It’s time we try. Just ONE more time.

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Thou Shalt Not Covet

Thou Shalt Not Covet cover - hard at work blogging and podcasting

I’ve been struggling lately.

Seems to be a common thing with me, right? No matter how on-top-of-it I might try to be, it seems I’m always missing the mark somewhere. It’s probably a result of me trying to do too much with, quite simply… too little time in the day. I know I’ve got my challenges, and I know EXACTLY what’s working against me, just like (I’m sure) many of you do too. Just because I KNOW, though, doesn’t mean I always win the fight. Lately, I’ve found myself… a little conflicted.

Yes, I understand that’s vague.

But honestly, sometimes a simple explanation is enough. I’ve mostly figured out the answer here. I took some time the past couple of weekends to really try and get a handle on this. Now, I think I’ve got it. This time… it’s going to be different.

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