Reebok Harmony Road Review

reebok harmony road review

I know next to nothing about running shoes.

I’m a pretty simple guy. Up until this review process came along, and the Reebok Harmony Road dropped into my lap… the extent of my shoe knowledge was “yeah it feels good”, “ooh, pretty”, and “yeah… feels like these need to retire”.  I had reviewed foods, supplements, and other types of “gear”… but not a shoe. And now, here I was… with the opportunity to do just that. “Here’s some shoes – go nuts!” – Who was I kidding? I’m WHOLLY unqualified for this.

So, naturally, I gave myself a crash course

Now that I’ve done that? Instant shoe-genius, obviously. Ok, not so much… BUT – I DO know a few things. I know why certain shoes work for me and others don’t… I know why I like what I like… and I get why the Reebok Harmony Road is a solid shoe. So… take a chance… venture forth with me… into my first ever running shoe review. 

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True Triumph: Mike Collins (Podcast Ep. 30)

True Triumph Mike Collins

There are more ways to triumph than weight loss.

There’s a concept in the fitness world, which I have talked about many times… called “non-scale victories”. Often times the scale might not move as much as we’d like and we get discouraged. Times like those it’s important to celebrate the non-scale victories, like “hey, that shirt fits great now!” or “I finished a 5K!” or “wow, I just finished the Spartan Ultra Beast at Mt. Killington!”

Ok… some people are more extreme than others.

My guest for Episode 30 of the podcast is a True Triumph in all senses of the word. This guy took charge, picked himself up out of a situation that was hazardous to his health, and got it together. First… for his kids… then… for himself… and after that? Well… now he’s shepherding his crew towards THEIR big non-scale victories.

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Leaving The Job That Changed My Life (Podcast Ep. 29)

leaving the job that changed my life podcast

Sometimes in life we come to a crossroads.

When we get to this crossroads… we usually have to make a decision. Sometimes, it’s a pretty big decision. Sometimes… it’s a decision who’s consequences can ultimately alter the course of the rest of your life.

I recently stood at a crossroads like that. And to steal a line from a famous poem… I took the road less travelled.

I am leaving the job that changed my life.

In doing so, I’m forging a new path in life… I’m taking a risk, going after what I’m most passionate about… and only time will tell how it’ll all work out. I have loved this job. It truly did change my life. So why on earth would I leave it?

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Peter Villa, The Boston Marathon, & Fundraising (Podcast #28)

peter villa the boston marathon and fundraising podcast ep 28

Anyone who knows anything about running

knows, at least to some degree, that “The Boston Marathon” is a thing. Whether you realize how BIG of a thing it is… you still know of it… at least in some small way. But you get that it’s a big deal. And you probably know that fundraising and charity teams are a thing. But do you REALLY know what The Boston Marathon really is? How the fundraising works? Why people care so much?

I thought I knew. I was wrong.

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Grin Hola – The BEST Granola you’ll (probably) never eat.

Grin Hola review title image - founder jason

I’ve pretty much seen the full spectrum of “taste”.

I’ve been that “fat guy” that eats everything indiscriminately. Overly greasy, fatty, salty, sauced and more. You reach a certain point where eating and drinking like that… you sort of deaden your taste buds. Then those terrible foods begin to… “taste” good.  Now? I’m that “fit guy” who makes better choices. I avoid those things I used to eat. My taste buds came back to life. I can taste spices, nuance, subtlety, and the chef/creator’s intent. It’s why I drink my coffee black, why I love seltzer water, and why I say Grin Hola is not JUST granola.

I realize that might sound a bit… over the top…

But have YOU tried Grin Hola? It’s unlike any granola I’ve ever picked off the shelf in the supermarket. TOTALLY found it by accident… might never have known about it otherwise. And… sadly… YOU might never get to eat it.

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